small_regulatory_ncRNA    (CURRENT_RELEASE)

SO Accession: SO:0000370 (SOWiki)
Definition: A non-coding RNA less than 200 nucleotides long, usually with a specific secondary structure, that acts to regulate gene expression. These include short ncRNAs such as piRNA, miRNA and siRNAs (among others).
Synonyms: small regulatory ncRNA
DB Xrefs: PMID: 28541282  
PomBase: al
SO: ma

Parent: sncRNA (SO:0002247)

Children: loR (SO:0002033)
spot_42_RNA (SO:0000389)
miRNA (SO:0000276)
moR (SO:0002032)
CsrB_RsmB_RNA (SO:0000377)
RprA_RNA (SO:0000387)
OxyS_RNA (SO:0000384)
siRNA (SO:0000646)
DsrA_RNA (SO:0000378)
RRE_RNA (SO:0000388)
tmRNA (SO:0000584)
piRNA (SO:0001035)
RNA_6S (SO:0000376)
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