Eilbeck Lab

Department of Biomedical Informatics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

  • Karen Eilbeck – PI
  • Barry Moore – is the contact for file format issues
  • Shawn Rynearson – variant terminology – ClinGen, and VMC data model
  • Michael Watkins – PhD student (NLM) – interest in clinical decision support
  • Mike Bada at UC Denver is a key ontology developer for the re-engineering of the MSO.
  • David Sant – Post Doc working with greekC community on gene expression terminology

Historical contributors

Utah Department of Health

  • Nicole Ruiz-Schultz managed the development of SO terms during her PhD work. She graduated from BMI and now leads the newborn screening exome and genome efforts.

University of Maryland

  • Michael Sinclair now works as a post-doc on the Disease Ontology. He is a key developer of MSO.

Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Colin Batchelor is a group leader at the RSC and came to SO from an NLP perspective.

European Bioinformatics Institute

  • Sandra Orchard is the biosapiens protein feature contact.
  • Fiona Cunningham contributed to the variant terminology used in the VEP tool

Lawrence Berkleley National Labs

  • Chris Mungall is a key member of OBO and has much genomics experience.