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GFF3 and GVF provide a flexible mechanism by which attributes of a feature can be described. In column 9 of both formats support tag-value pairs to describe these attributes. Both formats reserve tags that begin with uppercase letters for future use by the format, but allow application specific tags to be implemented using tags that begin with lowercase letters. To make the most use of these application specific tags parsers need to know what their values mean and how they are formatted. This page provides a place to document application specific tags that are in use by the GVF community, but that may not be general enough to have made it into the GVF spec. The values given by these tags must conform to the GFF3 specification of these tag-value pairs.

  • Tag/value pairs are separated by '='.
  • Multiple tag=value pairs are separated by semicolons.
  • Multiple values for the same tag are separated by commas.
  • URL escaping rules are used for tags or values containing the following characters: ",=;".
  • Spaces are allowed in this field, but tabs must be replaced with the %09 URL escape.




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