SO Accession: SO:0000253 (SOWiki)
Definition: Transfer RNA (tRNA) molecules are approximately 80 nucleotides in length. Their secondary structure includes four short double-helical elements and three loops (D, anti-codon, and T loops). Further hydrogen bonds mediate the characteristic L-shaped molecular structure. Transfer RNAs have two regions of fundamental functional importance: the anti-codon, which is responsible for specific mRNA codon recognition, and the 3' end, to which the tRNA's corresponding amino acid is attached (by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases). Transfer RNAs cope with the degeneracy of the genetic code in two manners: having more than one tRNA (with a specific anti-codon) for a particular amino acid; and 'wobble' base-pairing, i.e. permitting non-standard base-pairing at the 3rd anti-codon position.
Synonyms: transfer ribonucleic acid, transfer RNA, INSDC_feature:tRNA, INSDC_qualifier:unknown
DB Xrefs: URL: http://www.sanger.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rfam/getacc?RF00005  
ISBN: 0198506732  

Parents: sncRNA (SO:0002247)
tRNA_primary_transcript (SO:0000210)

Children: alanyl_tRNA (SO:0000254)
glutaminyl_tRNA (SO:0000259)
prolyl_tRNA (SO:0000268)
glutamyl_tRNA (SO:0000260)
methionyl_tRNA (SO:0000266)
asparaginyl_tRNA (SO:0000256)
threonyl_tRNA (SO:0000270)
glycyl_tRNA (SO:0000261)
valyl_tRNA (SO:0000273)
tyrosyl_tRNA (SO:0000272)
cysteinyl_tRNA (SO:0000258)
isoleucyl_tRNA (SO:0000263)
seryl_tRNA (SO:0000269)
leucyl_tRNA (SO:0000264)
tryptophanyl_tRNA (SO:0000271)
selenocysteinyl_tRNA (SO:0005857)
pyrrolysyl_tRNA (SO:0000766)
lysyl_tRNA (SO:0000265)
aspartyl_tRNA (SO:0000257)
arginyl_tRNA (SO:0001036)
histidyl_tRNA (SO:0000262)
tRNA_region (SO:0001172)
mt_tRNA (SO:0002129)
phenylalanyl_tRNA (SO:0000267)
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