SO Accession: SO:0000275 (SOWiki)
Definition: Small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) are short non-coding RNAs enriched in the nucleolus as components of small nucleolar ribonucleoproteins. They guide ribose methylation and pseudouridylation of rRNAs and snRNAs, and a subgroup regulate excision of rRNAs from rRNA precursor transcripts. snoRNAs may also guide rRNA acetylation and tRNA methylation, and regulate mRNA abundance and alternative splicing.
Synonyms: INSDC_qualifier:snoRNA, small nucleolar RNA, INSDC_feature:ncRNA
DB Xrefs: GOC: kgc
PMID: 31828325  

Parents: sncRNA (SO:0002247)
snoRNA_primary_transcript (SO:0000232)

Children: scaRNA (SO:0002095)
C_D_box_snoRNA (SO:0000593)
H_ACA_box_snoRNA (SO:0000594)
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