SO Accession: SO:0000234 (SOWiki)
Definition: Messenger RNA is the intermediate molecule between DNA and protein. It includes UTR and coding sequences. It does not contain introns.
Synonyms: INSDC_feature:mRNA, messenger RNA, protein_coding_transcript
DB Xrefs: SO: ma

Parent: mature_transcript (SO:0000233)

Children: capped_mRNA (SO:0000862)
polyadenylated_mRNA (SO:0000871)
exemplar_mRNA (SO:0000734)
recoded_mRNA (SO:1001261)
RNA_thermometer (SO:0002168)
mRNA_region (SO:0000836)
NSD_transcript (SO:0002130)
circular_mRNA (SO:0002292)
attenuator (SO:0000140)
monocistronic_mRNA (SO:0000633)
polyA_sequence (SO:0000610)
EST (SO:0000345)
polycistronic_mRNA (SO:0000634)
trans_spliced_mRNA (SO:0000872)
mRNA_with_frameshift (SO:0000108)
riboswitch (SO:0000035)
consensus_mRNA (SO:0000995)
edited_mRNA (SO:0000929)
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