intron    (CURRENT_SVN)

SO Accession: SO:0000188 (SOWiki)
Definition: A region of a primary transcript that is transcribed, but removed from within the transcript by splicing together the sequences (exons) on either side of it.
Synonyms: INSDC_feature:intron
DB Xrefs: URL: http://www.insdc.org/files/feature_table.html  

Parent: primary_transcript_region (SO:0000835)

Children: interior_intron (SO:0000191)
intronic_splicing_silencer (SO:0002056)
lariat_intron (SO:0001958)
intron_domain (SO:0001014)
twintron (SO:0000406)
mobile_intron (SO:0000666)
spliceosomal_intron (SO:0000662)
intronic_regulatory_region (SO:0001492)
UTR_intron (SO:0000446)
three_prime_intron (SO:0000192)
endonuclease_spliced_intron (SO:0001216)
five_prime_intron (SO:0000190)
autocatalytically_spliced_intron (SO:0000588)
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