Sequence Ontology Immunology Workshop

Focusing on Gene, Allele, HLA, and More.

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
June 12-13th, 2007

Workshop Aim

The aim of this workshop is to better represent immunological features in the Sequence Ontology. We will define what the key concepts are, what they are composed of and how they relate to other biological sequences.

Each session will begin with a brief outline of where are with the ontology development for that particular issue. We will then engage in discussion with the domain experts to elucidate the key terms and define where they belong in the taxonomy and what relationships they have to other terms. Attendees will each have the opportunity to voice their views and drive the ontology development. As the discussion progresses we will edit the ontology to reflect the consensus opinion.

Key issues:

  • HLA
  • haplotypes
  • alleles of the gene types
    • hierarchy of alleles
    • features of the sequence
    • function

Workshop Attendees

Photo of SO Immunology Workshop Attendees

Pictured from left to right:

Lindsay Cowell, David DeLuca, Richard Scheuermann, Karen Eilbeck, Alexander Diehl, Michael Ashburner, Suzanna Lewis, Darren Natale, Barry Smith and Steve Marsh

More workshop photos

Attendees List:
  • Lindsay Cowell, Duke (Lindsay will talk about VDJ recombination)
  • Alex Diehl, JAX
  • Barry Smith, SUNY - Buffalo
  • Darren Natale, Georgetown (Darren will talk about PIR (SMAD))
  • Michael Ashburner, University of Cambridge
  • Chris Mungall, LBNL
  • David DeLuca, Hannover
  • Steve Marsh, Anothony Nolan Research Institute - London


Meeting Notes including action items and changes to ontology (PDF)

Link to updated Ontology (CVS)

Workshop Organizers:

  • Karen Eilbeck, University of Utah
  • Suzanna Lewis, Lawrence Berkerley National Labs
  • Richard Scheuermann, UT Southwestern

Workshop location and travel details


We have some funds to help with the cost of attending this meeting.